Mat-Su Valley – VIA

Our Mission

To address quality of life issues for all residents of the Mat-Su Borough, utilizing the faith values of our members, developing community-wide interest and mobilization around quality of life issues.

Through training, leaders address community problems by providing forums for discussion, researching alternative solutions, and working as facilitators with residents and leaders for institutional change.

Community organizing empowers people to act together to solve community problems. JOIN’s model develops leaders who use a one-on-one listening process to identify neighborhood concerns – and then create and implement solutions. Citizens become active participants and learn their pivotal role in democracy.

Because community organizing helps solve critical problems you and your community care about. Also, the organizing process creates new leaders to continue working to support community-based, grassroots solutions.

People of faith put belief into action by working for justice, paying particular attention to those with low to moderate incomes. Congregations raise up leaders who initiate a one-on-one listening process to identify needs and concerns among parishioners. These become the basis for community action to change policies, institutions, and lives.

There is power in combined effort. People can improve their communities, identify issues and work toward solutions together.

“It became the vehicle for what I knew needed to be done.”
“I love hearing God through people’s testimony.”
“The whole congregation is connected.”